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I hold the posgraduate Diploma of Advanced Studies in translation and interpretation, program of  Translation & Paratranslation, at the University of Vigo. Nowadays I am writing my PhD thesis, at the University of Vigo, on Paratranslation of children's literature.

During the academic course 2011-2012, I have studied Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Modern Foreign Languages.

Xunta de Galicia (Galician regional government) granted me the title of sworn translator French-Galician- French and vice versa.

I have attended several French courses at the Alianza of Vigo, where I have obtained C1 level of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the first level of French for Business.

I have reached diploma in Portuguese level C1 issued by Centro de Linguas (University of Vigo) in collaboration with Instituto Camoes.

I held the validation of diploma CELGA V (galician knowledge), because I was studing the Translation and Interpretation's degree, which is equivalent to C2 level.

During the academic year 2005-2006, I was at the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) with an Erasmus grant. I started to learn Polish at the School of Polish Language and Culture. In July 2007, I did A2 polish level at  the School of Polish Language and Culture of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In the following year, I passed the A2+ level at the same School of Polish Language.

After my Erasmus academic year, I took part in the volunteer program “Support for foreign students” organized by ORI (International Office,by its initials in Galician) of the University of Vigo.

Three summer linguistic stays for a month in Dublin. In 2003, I did an intensive French course in the Alliance Française of Paris for a month. Moreover, I visited several European countries like Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy...

Participant at the following congress and courses:

V Galician symposium of translation organized by ATG (Association of Galician Translators, by its initials in Galician)

I International Congress and Editorial policy of children's literature

I Congress on Dubbing translation organized by AGPTI (Galician Association of professionals of translation and interpretation, by its initials in Galician)

Course: “Editorial translation: quality and proyect management” included in the program “ 2007 University Extension Program”.

Workshop of University Extension “Advanced Open Office open-source office software suite in Galician”, did since 09/03/2009 at ETSE de Telecomunicacións (Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering, by its initials in Galician) of the University of Vigo, given by Claudio F. Filho.

5th Seminar HOT- Hands-on Translation: Research on Translation Studies, organized by BabeliUM Language Center of Letters and Human Sciences Institute at the University of the Minho (Braga) from 22th to 23th october 2010.

Continuous education AGPTI course about English- Spanish medical translation, teached by  Fernando Navarro, 29th and 30th April 2011

II Continuous education AGPTI course about English- Spanish medical translation, teached by  Fernando Navarro, 24th and 25th February 2012.

Continuous education AGPTI course about coaching, taught by Xosé Castro Roig, 21st April 2012.

Online course Children's literature edition, organised by Laboratorio de Escritura (writing laboratory) taught by the professor Estrella Borrego.

6th Seminar HOT – Hands on Translation: Divine creations: Agents and translation tasks, organised by BabeLIUM, Language Center of Letters and Human Sciences Institute at the University of the Minho (Braga) from 19th to 20th march 2014.

Immigration laws course, organised by Consello da Avogacía Galega (Galician Law Council) during the academic course 2014-2015.


I collaborated with NGO Translators Without Borders, with seat in FFT (Faculty of Philology and Translation by its initials in Galician) of University of Vigo; for wich I translated several documents and a song for the Cangas do Morrazo choral.

I helped MDKtrans Group, that translate software and documentation of Mandriva, French distribution of Linux, and with Mageia Foundation which manage a Linux distribution derivative form Mandriva.

I translate several documents from French, English and Portuguese into Spanish and Galician and viceversa. My principal speciality are legal documents, with several lawyers collaboration. I also count on the help of several construction technicians to translate documents related to said sector.

I do translations from Spanish into Portuguese, certified by Vice consulate of Portugal in Vigo, which is valid throughout the Portuguese country, (where sworn translator figure doesn't exists, each translation must be certified by a notary or, abroad, by a consul or vice-consul). The same organism performs certifications of translations from Portuguese into Spanish, but you must consult in the organism or addressee enterprise wether they give validity to sworn translation or not.

I represent, in Pontevedra province, an agency that do sworn translations Spanish-Arab-Spanish.

In the field of literary translation I have several publications, as from Spanish as Galician, and others pending. At the Babelcube platform, I have several translations available on then main online book shops as Amazon, Kobo, La Casa del Libro…: La niñita de la vocecita, original title Joyce of Westerfloyce the little tiny girl with little tiny voice, by Matthew Grant; Textos Seleccionados, original title Textos Selecionados, by Jose Anilto dos Anjos; Invasores de Marte- Las Aventuras de Joaquim e Eduardo, original title Invasores de Marte: As Aventuras de Jaoquim e Eduardo, by Michael Ruman; Fuerzas Opuestas, original title Forças Opostas by Aldivan Teixeira Tôrrees and Horas Contadas by Denis Lenzi. Baia Edicions has published my Galician translation of beautiful illustrated French adaptations of the classic Dracula and O Mago de Oz. As you can see, although I have several publications related on Children's Literature, I translate also literary works for all kind of public.

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